Are You Looking To Outsource Your Website Management?

Website management is a key element to keeping your website fresh, up to date and secure.

When using a content management system like WordPress you need to ensure your CMS core and plugins are kept up to date to help with security issue that may arise, keeping these systems up to date can also help with website optimisation and usability.

If you wish to keep your website and systems up to date yourself, please do check your website admin area from time to time to ensure you have up to date software.  You could also setup a website application like a security tool/plugin that sends notifications to your registered email address.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Website Maintenance and Updates

At Orgenen we help many businesses keep their websites and systems up to date and fresh.

  • Outsourcing your website management allows you to concentrate on your business
  • If it breaks, we fix it!  Sometimes updates and security fixes can break your website costing you time and money to fix
  • We implement many helpful elements that Google preferences for searching and indexing, we help to build this into your content
  • Save time by leaving website maintenance to those who do it on a daily basis
  • We can help with SEO keyword generation/advise and optimisation
  • Its one less job you have to worry about, we love helping our clients where we can

Frequently Asked Questions

How does website management affect my website?

Keeping your website up to date and fresh helps with website security and helps keep your customers more engaged.  It also helps with search engine optimisation and indexing.

Is it good to update my website more frequently?

Yes.  If your website is kept up to date with fresh relevant content more frequently, the search engines like Google will know to revisit your website more frequently to see if new content has been published.  This helps with searching and overall indexing of your website.

How much does website management cost?

This depends on what you would like to be done on your website.  We generally provide our customers with a block of hours that is suitable to their needs.

These website management block of hours can be used anytime when the customer requires us to do work on their website.

Can I grow my website and add systems?

Yes.  If you require additional services to be added to your website such as a web shop, events calendar or other website elements, we can do this for you without having to rebuild  your website, we use your existing website and add to it.

What about when search rules are changed?

From time to time search engines update their algorithms and this in turn can affect your website performance and ranking.  What once was appropriate could one day become something that negatively affects your raking within a search engine like Google.  Keeping on top of this and the updates that come out from time to time will defiantly help with how your website is ranked within a particular search engine and this is something we can help you with.

What if I break my website?

We are here to help.  If something happens to your website like an update gone wrong or elements affecting your website performance, we can help get it back up and running for you.