Social Media Setup

Looking to work with a local designer to develop your social media presence?
Social media is an effective and efficient tool that allows business and customers to interact effectively. Many businesses use social media to communicate with their new and existing user base, to promote offers and to assist customers using a web base interface.
At Orgenen we can help you with the design and setup of your social media including Facebook, Google My Business and Youtube.

Facebook Setup

Are you looking to setup or enhance your Facebook business page?

Facebook setup services

  • Facebook banner setup
  • Corporate page to showcase your brand
  • Facebook posts and offers
  • Facebook shop setup
  • Facebook events

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Youtube Channel Setup

Are you looking to get your business setup on Youtube?

Youtube setup services

  • Youtube channel art setup
  • Page details and branding
  • Assistance with initial account setup

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Google My Business Setup

Looking for support in stetting up your Google My Business service?

Services offered

  • Setup of corporate page
  • Setup of interior and exterior images plus videos
  • Location setup
  • Setup of operating times, business description and details
  • Creation of offers, events and activities

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Find out how we can help your business with your social media setup